Honoring Bally's 170-year heritage, the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection evolves past and present house codes.

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The collection features timeless pieces and standout signatures, further demonstrating Bally's mastery as leather architects.

Sartorial shoes, bags and accessories are presented across a range of natural and innovative materials.

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The A/W 2021 collection is featured across a two-part film series, journeying from the urban backdrop of Zurich in Part 1 to the natural landscape of the Swiss Alps.


Celebrating our 170-year anniversary, the B-Monogram motif was created by Swiss design studio Offshore.

Reimagining Red

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Recalling a Bally-sponsored expedition to the Andes in 1957, the A/W 2021 season evolves Bally's signature red, inspired by the deep red hues of Peru's Rainbow Mountain.