Bally Artist 2009

Gabriele Genini

Bally Artist 2009

The Bally Foundation acknowledges that Gabriele Genini’s deceptively straightforward sketches capture his impressions of other cultures in the manner of a contemporary explorer, offering moments of tranquility and escape from a world in perpetual movement.

Gabriele Genini was born in Bellinzona, Switzerland in 1981. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence with a degree in Painting in 2006. He has exhibited his travel notebooks in Switzerland, Italy and France. He received the Bally Artist Award in 2009 and currently lives and works in Pracchia, a small village in the Tuscan Apennines, in Switzerland, and Florence, where his atelier is located.

Gabriele Genini is a versatile artist who has experimented with painting, engraving and sculpture. The artist considers drawing the perfect medium for composing works of art on-the-spot, on his travels as a modern explorer. His carnets de voyage documenting the journeys undertaken in Eastern Europe, Laos, Japan and Italy are illustrated with precious watercolors depicting people in typical landscapes and familiar urban settings.

Gabriele Genini has developed a rapid, descriptive line evoking at times Japanese art, specific to his in situ sketches, also revealing the artist’s desire to pursue his personal inner journey.

"Tratto levante/ Rumore di matita/ Carta di riso"
Journey notebook
Japan, 2010
Pencil, watercolour, ink
Photo Gaia Del Francia
The Bally Foundation Permanent Collection, Switzerland

"Tratto levante/ Rumore di matita/ Carta di riso" is a carnet de voyage documenting the artist’s journey through Japan, a trip backed by The Bally Foundation after winning the Bally Artist Award in 2009. This seventy-five-page travel journal is illustrated with drawings composed with pencil, Indian ink and watercolors.

This artwork depicts people going about their daily lives, outdoor markets, blossoming cherry trees, monks, views of the Kiso Mountains and its temples, castles and cityscapes, including Tokyo and Kyoto. The artist also sketched on one of the ancient roads leading to Edo, modern day Tokyo, capturing their serenely timeless atmosphere with a prodigious use of colors, where the discovery of the new is filtered through the lens of the past.