Bally Artist 2010

Renato Tagli

Bally Artist 2010

The Bally Foundation celebrates Renato Tagli’s profound affinity to nature and the sensitivity of his vision, perceptible in his creations, translated into a poignant artistic output that often focuses on ecological emergencies.

Renato Tagli was born in Locarno, Switzerland, in 1956. He qualified as a graphic designer at CSIA International Academy of Audiovisual Sciences in Lugano and studied at Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. He practices as a graphic designer with his partner Sabina Oberholzer.

His profound interest in art and nature spurs him to transform woodland and gardens through art installations and vegetal sculptures. His environmentally conscious Land Artworks have received major awards worldwide and have been acquired by private and institutional collectors.

Tagli has presented his works in many countries including China, Turkey, Switzerland and Italy. He lives surrounded by nature in Cevio, Switzerland, in a 16th century ancestral house, which serves as his atelier and laboratory. Tagli received the Bally Artist Award in 2010.

Nature is Renato Tagli’s source of artistic inspiration, not in a contemplative way, but in its interactive potential in creating installations and sculptures. His profound love of nature drives him to interact with the organic processes.

This innate feeling reverberates in his Land Artworks, timeless creations accessible only to fauna and flora organisms. These works perfectly integrate with their environment and are subject to natural transformation or the indirect effects of external factors. The artist’s vision, also perceptible in his graphic works, translates into a creativity focused on environmental emergenciesand a succinct raising of awareness.

"Terra – Terra 1"
Charcoal, five ash plants
Parco Ciani Lugano, Switzerland
Photo Renato Tagli

"Terra – terra 1" is a richly symbolic garden of the elements installation created by Renato Tagli thanks to 2010's Bally Artist Award. This Land Artwork is a seven-meter circular installation with a charcoal-filled base inserted in a pentagon, with five ash trees standing as guardians.

While the circle symbolizes creation and eternity, the five points represent the vital elements of earth, water, fire, air and spirit.

This untouchable garden was designed to encourage people to reflect on their future, to gratefully accept the mystery of creation, and to protect the resources of our fragile planet.

The Bally Foundation donated "Terra – Terra 1" to the City of Lugano. The artist held a performance in June 2021 to mark the 10th anniversary of the installation as well as to celebrate the United Nation’s World Environment Day and raise awareness on the environmental crisis and the need to act, in particular, by supporting ecosystems’ restoration.