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Bally’s heritage is in the mountains of Switzerland. How did you channel that history in this collection?
Bally has a huge archive and mountain shoes are the foundation of the company, dating back to 1851. As a mountain boy, I wear these shoes through summer and winter months, and was inspired by Bally’s incredible collection. This history of functionality to me was the starting point for the Bally Hike collection, bringing a practical style from the mountain into the city, with the freshness of a sneaker.

There’s a surge of outdoor enthusiasts embracing nature, why is this a perfect time to champion hiking?
It is always the best time for championing hiking, even more so as we have progressed through the Covid pandemic. People like to wear comfortable, easy, sporty trends. This shoe can be worn in the rain and snow of winter as well as the summer – it is the essence of good footwear.

You’ve worked with a selection of brands in the past, what drew you to Bally in particular? How does your relationship with the brand influence this collection?
Growing up in the mountains I knew Bally, so this felt like a special moment to connect with the brand. During the pandemic I was living
day-to-day in the mountains, spending more constant time there than ever before. I created this much-loved mountain shoe to be full of color with the coolness of a city like L.A., while remaining functional to its roots.

What signature design cues of yours did you bring to this classic silhouette?
Firstly, the color, and the modern materials. Secondly, the versatility of how to wear it. I would dress this collection with my city working outfit or my traditional lederhosen.

What were the inspirations behind the color blocking scheme used?
I brought together my favorite color combinations. Mountain shoes are traditionally made in classic neutrals so I wanted to create a contrast, to push the boundaries of expectation.

With trends ever-evolving, where do you envision hiking wear fitting into the future of fashion?
There is an evolving desire for ease and practicality with a fashion edge. This capsule plays with color and modern craftsmanship to present the elegance of the traditional mountain shoe.
Bally Hike

Bally Hike

Made in collaboration with Robert Rabensteiner.