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Marie-Louise Sciò


As Artistic Director of the Pellicano Hotel Group, which includes Mezzatorre in Ischia and La Posta Vecchia just outside Rome, Marie-Louise has been injecting her energy and good taste into everything she sees and touches. Based in the Italian capital, she is often on the go, visiting her three establishments to ensure everything is in perfect order and exploring new places for inspiration. A natural entertainer, she has a knack for throwing parties and dancing till dawn.

What are your traditions for the winter holidays?
It’s a time to be cozy with my son and family – I usually take a trip to a remote destination.

What is your favorite part of the holidays?
Taking a break.
Do you prefer being the host or a guest? And why?
The host – it’s also part my job and I absolutely love it.

What is the most memorable winter holiday? Where? And with whom?
With my son in Lapland to see the Northern Lights.

Do you prefer “many small gifts” or “one or two substantial gifts” when it comes to holiday presents?
Many small practical gifts.

What is your favorite holiday destination?
Anywhere around the world that allows me to discover something new.

What makes a successful destination hotel today?
A combination of elements: a great location, beauty, and of course, the people that are there.

What does luxury mean to you?
Luxury is not attached to a price point: it’s internal, and quality-driven.
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