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Michelle Lu

@michelleelizabethlu @semaine_online

Raised in the U.S., Michelle Lu moved to London as creative producer for photographer Mario Testino. She now lives in Paris as the co-founder of Semaine, a digital platform for global tastemakers. As Semaine’s Creative Director, she produces artful and amusing fashion films, featuring young creatives and tastemakers, and advocates for female directors. Michelle’s personal style is elegant and understated. She loves new classics, ‘70s fashion and has a keen eye on one-of-a-kind vintage finds for both her wardrobe and home.

What are your traditions for the winter holidays?
My family is full of classical musicians, but for as long as I can remember, we always listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks’ Christmas songs. Nothing says Christmas in my family like this odd choice of soundtrack!

What is your favorite part of the holidays?
Being with friends and family, lingering over long meals, staying in pajamas all day, playing silly games, eating leftovers and watching Christmas movies you've seen 1,000 times before.
Do you prefer being the host or a guest at a holiday party? And why?
In general, I much prefer being the host. I love the whole ritual of preparing and bringing people together, but over the holidays, I'm very happy to be an active guest and help the host!

Who is the most difficult person to find a gift for?
My father.

What is the most memorable winter holiday? Where? And with whom?
Any and all of them, the memories blur together. My family is scattered around the world, so during this time of year when we are all together, they are all equally memorable for me no matter where we gather.

Do you prefer “many small gifts” or “one or two substantial gifts” when it comes to holiday presents?
Definitely less is more, plus a funny handmade card!

What is Semaine, and why did you decide to launch it?
Semaine is a digital universe that features global tastemakers and invites you to watch, learn, listen and shop. I launched Semaine in 2015 with my former business partner Georgina. We met when we both worked for Mario Testino. At the time, we felt that many of the digital and print platforms were rather narrow in their focus, especially towards women. We wanted to tell the stories of people from vastly diverse backgrounds and industries, from a mycologist to a supermodel, neuroscientist, or an iconic chef.
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