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Paboy Bojang


Born in Gambia, Paboy Bojang has been described by Vogue as “the designer behind the most joyful cushions on Instagram.” Based in Naples, “Pa,” as his friends like to call him, borrowed a sewing machine during lockdown and made colorful cushion covers from fabrics sourced at local suppliers under the moniker “In Casa by Paboy.” Today, he still sews each individual cushion by hand—a craft learned from his uncle’s tailor shop in Gambia at 13.

What are your traditions for the winter holidays?
I am Muslim so we don’t celebrate Christmas, but in Gambia I would celebrate [the holidays] with my friends, we would gather together, play music and eat a lot!

What is your favorite part of the holidays?
In Naples I look forward to New Year’s Eve when the city explodes with fireworks, every family lets them off their balconies at midnight. It’s almost too dangerous to walk outside at that time! It’s such a spectacle!
Who is the hardest person to buy a present for?
...I would say that since I have been living in Italy, it is probably my girlfriend!

What were your most memorable holidays?
I am really looking forward to finally being able to travel this winter for the first time. I am hoping to go to London to go holiday shopping, and to spot my cushions in Selfridges and Browns Fashion! I can’t wait!

How did you come up with the idea of making pillows?
I was stuck at my house in lockdown and discovered a stash of vintage fabrics and a sewing machine belonging to my housemate, and was super inspired. I started making cushions influenced by Naples and Gambia and then began posting them on Instagram. Everything accelerated from there really quickly. Soon, I was scavenging Naples’ markets for as much colored fabric as I could find and looking for studio space!

What are your tips for the best pillows?
I love bold colors and think all homes need a splash of color to bring joy and lightness to a space. It can be transformative to have a couple of pieces that are in contrast to everything else.
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