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Rosa Park

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As the editor and co-founder of Cereal, the independent
bi-annual magazine celebrated for its distinctive take on travel and style, Rosa Park has a passion for good design and quality craftsmanship. Made for a global audience of design conscious professionals, Cereal’s sleek travel guides have become collectors’ items. Born in Seoul, she opened Francis, a gallery in Bath that occupies the ground floor of a heritage-listed Georgian townhouse and exhibits abstract and contemporary art.

What are your very own traditions for the winter holidays?
A Panettone is a must, no Christmas feels complete without one. And our family Christmas gifting rule is books only.

What is your favorite part of the holidays?
The slowness.
Do you prefer being the host or a guest? And why?
The host. I think it’s just how I’m wired, I love planning and organizing.

Who is the most difficult person to find a gift for?
My father. I end up getting mostly edible gifts as a result. I figure you can’t go wrong with something delicious!

Where do you find your inspirations for the gallery?
At the moment, I’m finding immense inspiration within my heritage and history. It’s something I haven’t yet fully claimed or embodied in my work. I look forward to doing so in the coming years.

How do you discover new artists?
Through research, conversations and serendipitous connections.
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