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Tang Shuang


Few are as influential as fashion commentator Tang Shuang. Based in Shanghai, the former associate publisher of Vogue China and editor-in-chief of InStyle China prominently features in fashion magazines thanks to her effortless style. Last year, she continued to support the Chinese fashion industry by launching “If China Fashion Can Win,” a series of videos focused on local manufacturers and designers. She is also a popular columnist on LadyMax, a notable fashion publication and WeChat platform.

What is the most memorable winter holiday? Where? And with whom?
My first snowboarding trip with my son. It was five years ago in Japan.

What is your favorite holiday destination?
I really like being on the beach. The sound of ocean waves calms me down. That’s the healing power of nature.
What are your top five fashion tips?
There is only one tip: be free.

What is style to you?
Style comes from within. To develop personal style means to develop character. You can’t pretend.
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