The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (“SB 657”) requires retailers and manufacturers doing business in California to disclose what, if any, efforts they have taken to eliminate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains.


Bally Shoe Factories Ltd, Switzerland and Bally Americas Inc., NY, USA (“BALLY”) support the goals of SB 657 to eradicate slavery and human trafficking.
BALLY is committed to ensuring that its relationships with suppliers is based on lawful practices. BALLY requires all suppliers to comply with all applicable laws. To that end, all BALLY suppliers are requested to sign the Bally Supplier Code of Conduct (‘the Code’) stating that they will not violate any applicable laws or regulations in their performance of services for BALLY, and such laws would include those relating to human trafficking and slavery. This document shows our commitment to international standards beyond our own operations extending to every connection in our supply chain. The Code sets forth the standards for our Suppliers to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and in particular to comply with international and industry standards and best practices. These expectations extend to their parent, subsidiary or affiliate entities, as well as all other third parties they operate with. Acknowledgement of the Code is a requirement in every supply agreement, and the Supplier commits that all its operations are subject to the provisions set forth in the Code.


We reserve the right to verify directly or by third parties the compliance with the above stated expectations through assessments and audits with or without notice at the supplier’s premises and the business premises of their subcontractors at any time to verify compliance with the Code content.


If it is discovered that a supplier has violated this warranty, including where the supplier has incorporated any material into BALLY products not in compliance with any applicable laws, the violation will be considered a breach of BALLY’s agreement by the supplier, which would entitle BALLY to promptly exclude the supplier from its supply chain or to take other appropriate actions.