Champion by Resilience

Maeva Giani Marshall explains how she wouldn't have got
where she is today by compromising her principles.

Champion Article #2
“I was never given anything,
everything I achieved has been earned.”

The Champions are Made campaign channels the spirit of those who have sought to succeed on their own terms. Maeva Giani Marshall, model and positive body image advocate, is one such individual.

“I know the world is interested in answers, but I'm just happy with a good question.”

Maeva, is as enigmatic as she is charming. As the face of the Champions are Made campaign, Maeva knows how she got here and she knows what she wants. “I was never gifted anything, I had to earn it”, she says. “I guess that means I’m made not born, doesn't it?” she asks hesitantly - of course, she’s right.

What look like freckles now were once flash burns, acquired after a ‘one in a million’ allergic reaction to sunlight when she was a teenager. “It’s my most remarkable characteristic.” she says assuredly, “It’s symbolic - I like to stand out, but I don't shout about it.”

Champion Article #2
“I know the world is interested in answers,
but I'm just happy with a good question.”

Her style is quietly bold, much like her. “Never settle” is her motto when it comes to ambition and style. “The Champion sneaker is quietly bold, I like that” she says in a low voice, quite deliberately.

“I know what my priorities are, my family and friends. And I love the lightness of fashion, of style. I don't have time for bad quality, and obviously I’m into details, quirks…”

It’s a refreshingly understated outlook. She raises an eyebrow as she makes that final point, the epitome of a self-made woman - a champion who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go and get it.