Set in Stone

Set in Stone

Celebrating our contemporary brand signature.

Inspired by Bally's long-standing heritage of shoemaking and design excellence, the 1851 hardware is our contemporary brand signature and celebrates the brand's founding year with interlocking "B" details.

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"My work is an attempt to crystallize a sense of the ephemeral that is constantly present in daily life."

Alessandro Piangiamore

To honor this new house signature, Bally has collaborated with Italian artist Alessandro Piangiamore on a commissioned artwork, blending the artist's unique creative medium and process with the 1851 hardware and thematic inspirations from the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection.

Entitled "Set in Stone," Piangiamore's artwork crystallizes the ephemeral beauty of nature within textural concrete to create a harmonic synergy between the natural and the man-made. The 1851 hardware subtly features across the piece and is preserved in perpetuity, alongside flower petals, leaves and foliage.

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"Set in Stone" will be on display at Bally Haus from October 2020.

Bally Haus
Via Montenapoleone, 29
20121 Milan

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