Bally x Vibram

Bally x Vibram

Over 200 years of innovation and craft combined

Bally and Vibram collaborate across an innovative range of shoe styles, marrying Bally's unique approach to design with Vibram's precision technology, for over 200 years of expertise.

Since the Vibram sole was first developed in 1937, the brand has remained a trusted essential for mountaineers and casual walkers alike thanks to its world-leading grip technology. Wide vulcanized rubber lugs across the soles ensure excellent traction on even the most demanding of weather conditions such as wet ice and steep snowy inclines.

The collaboration sees Vibram's technology feature on a range of Bally footwear styles; from sturdy hiking boots and elegant classics to versatile sneakers. These multi-occassion shoes provide extra grip whether you're down on the city streets or up at the highest peaks.

Together, Bally and Vibram continue to reach new heights and make sure you can too - no matter the weather.

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